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About Jarring Science

Hi parents and teachers!

I'm so happy you landed here at Jarring Science!

My name is Brenda Priddy and have been passionate about science and STEM education for 10 years.

After homeschooling for six years and supporting thousands of parents and educators in STEM education at STEAMsational, I knew there was something missing in at-home science programs.

Teachers and parents told me that many of the science programs they had tried before were too difficult to implement and were not answering questions children were asking.

As a result of these conversations, I started the online science experience called the Jarring Science Club.

Watch this video to learn a bit more about what makes the Jarring Science Club different!


In the Jarring Science Club, we believe that science should be fun, promote a sense of independence, and inspire creativity to explore and learn more about things that are important to kids.

For us, it's not about getting the "right" answers, but learning and exploring to develop critical thinking skills, innovative ideas, and creativity.

Research shows that children who engage in hands-on science are not only more likely to pursue science careers in the future but are also more likely to perform well on standardized tests while in school.

Watch this video to learn why I am passionate about hands-on STEM and science education for elementary kids.


While I do my best to provide experiments that use materials you're likely to already have in your kitchen, occasionally I'll include a material that you might not have.

Each experiment lists the necessary supplies in the lesson guide so you can order the supplies before doing the project.

I can't wait to help your child develop a love of science and STEM!


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