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Get 100s of science lesson plans that provide the tools that children can use to become future innovators and problem solvers.

Provide kids with NGSS-aligned, hands-on science experiments that are simple, effective, and low-cost,

without spending hours lesson planning.

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You don't need a science degree to foster a love of science in children. You just need to provide kids with the tools to unlock their potential.

No special equipment or expensive supplies required! Use materials you already have in the classroom or at home.

Click the link below to get instant access to the library of over 100 hands-on science lesson plans!

Teaching science isn't easy...

  • You constantly feel like you have to keep up with the latest STEM trends so your STEM program doesn't get cut.
  • Your district gives you vague science standards but little time or budget to fit them in to your already-overtaxed classroom schedule.
  • You've tried dozens of other science programs and subscription boxes, only to abandon them because they didn't meet your student's needs.
  • Your Google Drive and Pinterest boards are a mess of science experiment ideas that you'd like to try "one day."
  • You know your students love hands-on experiments, but you just haven't been able to find lessons that fit with your class structure.
  • You're overwhelmed, exhausted, and feel guilty that you just can't make science a priority.

You are not alone!

Whether you're a teacher just struggling to make it home before 8 PM, or a parent who wants to invest in their child's interests but is too exhausted at the end of every week to even think about taking on something new, or you're someone suddenly put in charge of a STEM program you have no idea how to implement, you are not the problem.

But, no matter how busy or tired you are, you understand that creativity and innovation require inspiration. And you are devoted to providing the experiences necessary to make that happen.

Which makes you awesome!

You may have thought that the solution to better science instruction is more...

  • More structure
  • More detailed planning
  • More supplies
  • More time

But that's not true!

The truth is, children thrive and learn best, not with more rules, regulations, and oversight, but with the freedom to explore and investigate on their own time, in their own way, to make their own conclusions about the world.

Study after study shows that children who are forced into the study/memorize/test system don't remember what they've learned even hours after the test. And what's worse, these kids expect to be fed the answer because they are afraid of getting things "wrong."

But kids who have access to open-ended, hands-on science experiments have the freedom to draw their own conclusions from their own experiences, which leads to a deep understanding of the concepts behind the lesson (1), even if you just go over the concept briefly!

science subcription club

Enter the Jarring Science Club

science club for kids

The Jarring Science Club isn't like any other science program you've tried.

It's a step-by-step science inquiry method that will transform how your kids (and you!) view science...

...from "just-give-me-the-answer" kids to innovators and creative thinkers who have a zest for exploring their world and are inspired to change what they don't like about it.

  • You'll discover how traditional science instruction is holding kids back and how less structure, not more, is the secret to true scientific learning. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • You'll get the confidence that the lessons your students and kids are doing reach the right learning targets- so you never have to waste your time hunting down replacement lessons on Pinterest. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • You recognize your kids and students need better science education and are prepared to do what it takes to help them succeed. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • You get done-for-you lessons that are fully aligned with NGSS concepts giving you the confidence that you can let your kids explore science in a fun, buildable-way that will benefit them at home and school. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Your kids are put on a path to change their future- to develop vital skills they need to become future innovators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • It will turn everything you thought you knew about teaching science on its head. So that the old programs, beliefs, and systems never hold your kids back again from their creative, innovative potential...

REAL people. Unlocking creativity. Creating future scientists and innovators.

From hands-on science to STEM career.

Meet Joanie. Her daughter earned a neuroscience STEM degree thanks to her childhood experiences with hands-on science.

A science lover at just 5 years old!

Meet Sze. She used the Jarring Science Experiments to foster a love of science in her daughter from a young age.

She's top of the class in AP science.

Meet Joslyn. The Jarring Science Club helped her call science "home" and helped her reach the top of the class in AP science.

Here's what people are saying about the Jarring Science Club...

Inside the Jarring Science Club, you will find...

  • Tools that make teaching science easy so that kids develop a lifelong love of science
  • The way to avoid the stress and hassle of tracking down individual science lessons that are expensive and over-simplified
  • Tips for surviving the school year without getting overwhelmed by extra work
  • The best way to provide educational science lessons for kids without wasting time
  • The secret to delivering science lessons that will help children unlock their potential to become innovators, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers
  • 100s of flexible science lesson plans that you can adapt to fit your unique needs without spending a bundle
  • Simple and quick science lessons that fit into a standard class period
  • A way to look forward to teaching again!

New NGSS-Aligned Experiments Each Month

Even though kids learn best through open-ended exploration and experimenting, we know that our kids still have to hit certain targets to do well in school!

The lessons in the Jarring Science Club are NGSS-aligned, which gives you the confidence that your kids are learning what they need to excel on standardized tests and lessons in the classroom.

And, the lessons are kid-inspired, meaning they get answers to the questions they are asking about the world.

Each experiment includes:

  • Slideshow video lessons to use in class
  • Video tutorials showing you how to teach the lesson
  • Complete lesson plan that can work in the classroom or at home
  • NGSS alignment and explanation that will meet any science rubric standard
  • Complete lesson guide and supply list, making experiment prep a breeze
  • Hands-on quizzes and worksheets to ensure kids are learning the scientific concepts

Exclusive Lesson Plan Library

Your class might not be studying the NGSS concept we release that month. Or maybe your kids just don't care about the new theme of the month.

That's where the Lesson Plan Library comes in!

The Lesson Plan Library gives you access to over 100 past experiments from the Jarring Science Club, including seasonal themes, past NGSS concepts, and more hands-on experiments.

The experiment library includes:

  • Over 100 previous Jarring Science Club lessons tried and tested by Jarring Science Club members
  • Hands-on quizzes and worksheets to ensure kids are learning the scientific concepts
  • Kid-friendly themes like seasons, kid's interests, and classic science themes
  • Complete lesson guide and supply list, making experiment prep a breeze
  • Video tutorials to show you how to teach each lesson
  • Complete lesson plans that are easy to use in a classroom setting or at home

A Supportive Community of Teachers and Caregivers

Great teachers and parents know that there is more to STEM education than just plopping a science kit down in front of your kids/students and calling it a day. Great teachers maximize the learning potential of each and every child under their care.

If you don't approach science education with this in mind, you'll be left where you started, overwhelmed, over budget, and frustrated that your kids STILL aren't learning anything from their science lessons.

Get support and insight from other teachers and caregivers who are teaching science just like you!

Inside the community you'll discover:

  • Tips and tricks from other educators and parents using the Jarring Science Club lessons.
  • Freedom to ask questions about each topic or lesson at any time!
  • Practical guidance on how to implement the lessons in the classroom or at home.

Choose the Lessons that Work Best for You!

brenda steamsational

Not teaching weather in April? Don't want a holiday theme in December?

No problem! The Jarring Science Club allows you to pick the lessons that fit with your school standards and rubrics.

While new content is added monthly, you can access any of the club's lessons at any time.

Member benefits include:

  • Your choice of what lessons to complete each month
  • Access to 100s of science lesson plans for elementary through middle school
  • Support when you need it most
  • Bonus resources you won't find anywhere else!

I've helped thousands of educators and parents inspire a love of science and a spirit of exploration in their children, and now it's your turn!

jarring science club

You may be thinking, "I'm only a teacher, can I afford this program? It sounds like it might be expensive."

Or, "Why should I pay for science experiments when I can just find them for free on Pinterest?"

It's true; if you bought everything offered in the Jarring Science Club individually, you'd have to pay $200 a month for access to every lesson, training, and video.

And you could try the DIY route and make your own lessons but that often requires complete re-writing of core themes and will take away hours that you could be spending with your family relaxing.

But I understand that most parents and teachers, although willing to invest in their children's future, just don't have hundreds of dollars lying around for supplemental science lessons (although many parents pay a lot more than that for supplemental sports education!).

But as a STEM advocate, I don't want ANY child to have to be without the lessons that could mean the difference between them excelling in a STEM career or not going to college.

And many of the women in my family are teachers, and I am not interested in taking a teacher's last penny! I know how hard teacher's work for every last dime.

That's why I've priced the Jarring Science Club so low, so that EVERY family and teacher can make hands-on science a part of their everyday life.

Because what I want the most is for more children to grow into adults who think like a scientist- logically, critically, and with a solution mindset that can discover creative solutions to real-world problems like climate change and the global food crisis.

So tell me... do you want that, too?

When you join you get instant access to...

SCIENCE DABBLER- access for 1 month

  • 100+ experiment video tutorials
  • Science lesson plan library (200+ lessons!)
  • Support group
  • 4 brand-new lesson plans a month
  • How-to guides for implementing each lesson in a classroom setting
  • Digital content you can use in Google Classroom or during class
  • Tutorial videos to make teaching easier
  • BONUS: Think Like a Scientist Course

Just $12 a month!

SCIENCE LOVER- access for 6 months

  • 100+ experiment video tutorials
  • Science lesson plan library (200+ lessons!)
  • Support group
  • 4 brand-new lesson plans a month
  • How-to guides for implementing each lesson in a classroom setting
  • Digital content you can use in Google Classroom or during class
  • Tutorial videos to make teaching easier
  • BONUS: Think Like a Scientist Course
  • BONUS: How to Set Up a STEM Center Course

$72 billed every six months

SCIENCE FANATIC- access for 12 months

  • 100+ experiment video tutorials
  • Science lesson plan library (200+ lessons!)
  • Support group
  • 4 new lesson plans a month
  • How-to guides for implementing each lesson in a classroom setting
  • Digital content you can use in Google Classroom or during class
  • Tutorial videos to make teaching easier
  • BONUS: Think Like a Scientist Course
  • BONUS: How to Set Up a STEM Center Course
  • BONUS: FREE Monthly STEAM Packs
  • 2 FREE months

$120 billed annually

science club for kids
virtual science for kids

Join the Jarring Science Club!

Just $12 a month!

Discounts offered with semi-annual and annual subscriptions.

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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I know you work hard for the money that you earn, and you only want to invest in tools that will help make your life easier and enrich your students' lives.

If you are not satisfied with the products in the Jarring Science Club, you may request a refund 30 days after your purchase. View our full refund policy here.

Did I mention members also get BONUSES!?!

I want to make this membership a no-brainer choice.

That's why in addition to the extensive experiment library, support community, easy-to-use member portal, and 4 brand-new lessons a month, members also get these BONUSES!

Your level of membership determines the bonuses that you will receive.

Science Dabblers get access to this bonus:

jarring science club bonus

Science Lovers get access to bonus #1 plus:

Science Fanatics get access to the above bonuses PLUS:

jarring science club bonus
let me sum up

Still reading?

Awesome, because there is something I need you to know...

Finding high-quality science resources that are NGSS aligned and teach kids how to think like a scientist is a tall order. Very few curricula and even fewer free resources get it right.

But it doesn't have to be as hard as it is right now.

...the hours spent scanning Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers for just *one* resource that works for your students...

...the money wasted on science kits languishing in your child's closet because they thought it was "boring"...

...the frustration of trying to cobble your own lessons together that meet your state science standards or match your child's interests...

It can all go away.

All you have to do is make a choice. And if you don't choose to join the Jarring Science Club, that's OK! The club isn't a perfect fit for everyone.

  • But if you choose:
  • A tried-and-tested kid-friendly science program
  • Oodles of ready-to-go experiments
  • A community of parents and teachers who understand why science is important
  • Ongoing support
  • And the resources you can use to reclaim your time...

...then I'll see you on the inside!

Answers to your questions about the Jarring Science Club...

  • "Will the Jarring Science Club work for me if we are doing distance learning or hybrid schooling?"

Yes! In fact, the accessible nature of the Jarring Science Club means that it's easier than most science programs to implement in a home setting.

Kids can log into the member portal, access the videos, and answer the quiz all in one spot.

They can even download and print the lesson guide right at home and use their own household supplies to complete the experiments.

  • "I'm not a teacher, can I join the club?"

Yes! We welcome all kinds of educators- homeschooling parents, grandparents, daycare workers, childminders, after-school care, and anyone else who has a passion for sharing a love of science with kids!

I started doing these experiments with my daughters as a homeschool mom years ago, and so I'll always have a soft spot for "unconventional educators" who want to inspire a love of science in the kids in their influence.

  • "I'm worried we won't have time to do the experiments, how long do they really take?"

Most of the lessons inside the Jarring Science Club will take a 45-minute class period to complete.

A few lessons may take multiple class periods, particularly if students are growing something or waiting for a reaction to occur over time.

  • "Couldn't I just find lesson plans like these on my own?"

Possibly, but there is definitely something to be said for having easy access to done-for-you resources that you KNOW are aligned with NGSS and encourage kids to develop crucial scientific thinking skills so they can unlock their potential to become innovators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers!

Also, it takes a LOT of time to develop your own resources. I know, because it takes me over 15 hours each week just to put together each week's lesson (not to mention filming and editing the experiments!).

I don't know many parents and teachers who have that kind of extra time to devote to creating science lessons each week!

You could do things on your own, or you can reap the benefits of all my hard work!

  • "Do the club experiments use expensive or dangerous supplies?"

Nope! We only use things that the everyday person can get a hold of easily, and best of all, usually, they are things you'll already have at home or in your classroom.

  • "If I have questions about a lesson, can I get help with that?"

Of course! The Teaching Science and STEM group is an excellent place to get answers to any lesson questions and it's included in your membership!

  • "I have another question!"

And I'd be happy to answer! Shoot me an email at and we'll get that question answered!

Enroll in the Jarring Science Club and get instant access to...

science subscription box
  • 100+ experiment video tutorials
  • Science lesson plan library (200+ lessons!)
  • Support group
  • 4 brand-new lesson plans a month
  • How-to guides for implementing each lesson in a classroom setting
  • Digital content you can use in Google Classroom or during class
  • Tutorial videos to make teaching easier
  • Access to additional content based on subscription level

Make teaching science easier today!

virtual science for kids
virtual science for kids
virtual science for kids

Stay Curious!

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1. Physical Experience Enhances Science Learning, Carly Kontra, Daniel J. Lyons, Susan M. Fischer, et al, April 24, 2015