Create a summer camp

that kids will never forget!

The easy way to keep kids' brains in learning mode and reduce fighting,

endless snacking, and hours of screen time at the same time!

Yes, I want my kids to have a blast with STEAM this summer!

Wondering what's inside?

Hands-on STEM activities that kids LOVE!


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steam summer camp




21 ready-to-go STEAM activities that provide over 20 hours of summer camp fun with materials you already have lying around the house.

You'll get...

steam summer camp
  • 21 ready-to-go STEAM activities
  • Printable worksheets for each lesson
  • Printable shopping lists for each day of camp
  • Tips on setting up your own summer camp
  • Daily camp "script" to make camp prep easier
  • Lesson outlines for all 20 experiments and activities
  • Comprehension worksheets for each lesson
  • STEAM-themed snack ideas for each day of camp

  • Handy camp guide to setting up a family camp or group camp
  • Tips for creating a successful summer camp
  • Word searches, Sudoko puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and more, all with a STEAM twist!
  • Bonus scientific method lesson with scientific method bookkmark activity
  • Over 20 hours of STEAM fun!
  • More than 70 pages of detailed camp instructions!
  • $250 value, yours for just $99 if you purchase in the next hour!
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Imagine your kids...

  • Working together to complete experiments and learn new science concepts.
  • Getting away from screen-time and learning new skills, all while having fun.
  • Playing and having fun just like they would at any traditional summer camp (they'll even get to create a tie-dye project!)
  • Laughing and having fun instead of fighting and bickering.
  • Developing a new love of STEAM that will follow them into the classroom for years to come.

Your one-stop boredom-busting solution

Raise your hand if you've done any of the following in the past month:

  • Searched online for educational activities to keep your kids off screens this summer
  • Felt overburdened by the need to constantly "entertain" your kids
  • Wondered how you could provide a summer camp experience for your kids at home

If so...

The Summer STEAM Camp is for you!

You'll also get....

  • Pre-planned ready-to-go summer camp activities so you don't have to spend hours (or even minutes!) searching for activity ideas
  • An "open and go" camp script eliminating the need for days of camp prep
  • Daily supply checklists you can print and shop from your kitchen or online that take just seconds to order
  • Sneaky educational lessons so fun that your kids won't even realize they are learning
  • Hours of hands-on STEAM fun that will foster a new love of science in your kiddos
  • Your kids are occupied for hours without the need for screentime (older kids can even complete the activities alone!)
steam summer camp

Summer Camp FAQs

Who is the STEAM Camp for? 

Children learn science best and understand scientific ideas better if they are able to investigate and experiment. 

Hands-on science helps children think critically and gain confidence in their own ability to solve problems. 

The summer STEAM camp is for educators and parents who want to provide hands-on, fun science experiments for kids to keep them learning and discovering when school is out.

What age range is the Jarring Science Club for? 

The summer STEAM camp is designed with grades 1st through 5th in mind. However, if you want to provide more support, a preschooler may be able to do the experiments. And middle schoolers usually love these experiments as well.  

What sort of experiments are included? 

Each day focuses on a different STEAM theme:

Day 1: Science

Day 2: Technology

Day 3: Engineering

Day 4: Art

Day 5: Math

Will my child be safe? 

While we can’t guarantee that your child will be completely safe when doing STEAM activities, the activities are designed with kids in mind and tested by my own kids (2nd and 8th grade).

Can I use this in my school/daycare/after-school program, etc?

Schools require a special activation license to use the program in more than one class. Access the school license for the STEAM camp here. We accept purchase orders!

Is there a price guarantee?  

We guarantee that you will receive everything included in the STEAM Camp. Since this is a digital product, refunds are not available once the product has been delivered. You can view our full product policies here.

It's easier than you think!

The STEAM summer camp helps parents like you save time, inspire your children, and provide hands-on-science experiments in 3 simple steps.

brenda steamsational


We understand that teaching science is intimidating (especially if you're not a science teacher!) and that you need actionable, easy-to-understand lessons for your kids.

Everything in the STEAM summer camp is outline with easy-to-understand language that your kids (and you) will enjoy learning together.


Learn from the comfort of your own home, backyard, or set-up a camp with other families in your neighborhood or school!

Decide if you want to do the activities all in one week, or stretch them out throughout the entire summer.


Connect with parents — from all over the world — who have a passion for science and helping their children succeed (enthusiasm is contagious!).

Join the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group if you get stuck on any lesson.

The STEAMsational Story

In 2013, I was a homeschooling mom to a first-grader.

She was OBSESSED with science, and I *hated* science because my experience with science was boring.

I didn't want my daughter's love of science to be squashed like mine was, so I went on the hunt for the perfect science curriculum that answered her science questions, developed critical thinking skills, and provided hands-on activities.

But, we came up short.

I could not find an elementary science program that was buildable, engaging, and followed the latest STEM research.

So, me being me, not satisfied with the current science curriculum landscape, I made my own science lessons.

Now, my full-time job is creating STEAM lessons and guides for parents and teachers to save them time, money, and sanity all while providing hands-on STEM lessons for kids.

brenda d priddy