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You CAN foster your children's natural curiosity

and INSPIRE them to become

future scientists and innovators...

and it all starts with the Jarring Science Club.

Sounds, awesome, I'm in!

How can a homeschooling parent teach science without formal training?

Because science does NOT provide all the answers. 

The goal of science is to look at the world in a new way. That's why science has no "right" answers.

Science teaches us to be skeptical

of what we know today so that past scientific “conclusions” can be modified when we understand more of our world.

Teaching a child to think through the lens of science leads to discoveries that make a positive difference. And you don't need a science degree for that.

Meet Brenda MacArthur.

I must confess: I used to hate science. I thought it was the most boring subject in school.

But in 2011, when my then 4-year-old daughter started asking questions about how the world works, I knew I needed to find a way to keep her curiosity alive so she wouldn't hate science like I did.

It was difficult to find hands-on science experiments that were appropriate for 4-year-olds, so I started creating experiments that I knew would be entertaining and educational.

This strategy worked so well that soon other homeschooling parents were asking me for my lesson plans, and I found myself teaching science to a group of elementary kids. I decided to put my activities online, and was born.

Since the founding of STEAMsational in 2011, I have worked as a STEM curriculum developer, author, speaker, and teacher. In these roles, I've been able to help over 100,000 homeschooling parents, teachers, and organizations make science the most fun part of the day.

I created the Jarring Science Club as a hub for homeschooling parents and teachers to find low-cost, low-prep science lesson plans. After trying your first experiment, don't be surprised if your kids start begging to do "just one more, please?!"

I love this idea, sign me up!
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REAL parents.

Creating a PASSION for science at their kitchen tables.

Jodie's daughter started with hands-on science experiments and now has a thriving STEM career.

Sze's daughter perfectly explains how emulsions work at just 4 years old!

Hands-on science experiments helped Joslyn feel at home with science inspiring her to pursue a STEM degree.

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Kids enrolled in the Jarring Science Club develop:

  • Critical thinking
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Discovery
  • Confidence
  • Problem-solving

...and that’s only scratching the surface...

The Jarring Science Club teaches children how to think like a scientist

even after the lesson is over...

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Raise your hand if you find yourself nodding along with any of these statements:

  • You want hands-on science lessons that don't take tons of money or weird supplies.
  • You need science experiments that help your children feel successful, not lessons that lead to frustration and meltdowns.
  • Your kids want the most active, most interesting, and most engaging experiments that match their interests and learning-level.
  • You want quality, science-based lesson plans that you don't have to spend hours preparing for.

When you join the Jarring Science Club, you gain instant access to hundreds of fun and exciting experiments that easily fit into your busy homeschool day.

Join the only jarring science club in the world!

Joining the Jarring Science Club saves hours of headaches and frustration because all of your science lesson plans are in one place.

No more time wasted scouring Pinterest for science experiments.

No more lesson plans that require $50 of supplies for one experiment.

No more purchasing science kits that languish in the garage because your kids can't do them alone. 

No more setting up boring experiments that your kids hate.

When you become a member of the Jarring Science Club, 

you’re saying yes — not just to teaching science… 

...but also to a whole new world of discovery and excitement for your kids.

Why should science be hands-on?

Science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov called science "a way of thinking" and that's what we believe in the Jarring Science Club. 

  • We don't believe that science is learned through a textbook. 
  • We believe kids should explore their world hands on.
  • We believe kids should be free to discover their own answers.
  • We believe that hands on experiments can facilitate these discoveries for our kids.
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Children’s experiences help them form their ideas, but these ideas don't always align with scientific "facts."

We believe kids should be free to explore these "wrong" ideas without feeling stupid, judged, or shamed.

Something special happens when our children define themselves as scientists, inventors, and creators. Suddenly, they embrace "difficult" concepts with determination, logic, critical thinking, and creativity. And this mindset shift can be life changing.

You don't have to be a scientist to teach science, and you don't need expensive tools or supplies...

...all you need is Jarring Science Club membership!

Your membership includes:

  • Experiment directions easy enough for kids to do alone or with minimal help
  • Experiments with supplies you can find around the house
  • Detailed lesson plans for each science experiment
  • Quizzes to ensure your child understands the science behind the activity
  • Printable worksheets to go along with each lesson to develop topic mastery
  • Access to the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group to answer any questions
  • NGSS-aligned concepts divided by grade
  • Access to over 100 Jarring Science Club lesson plans for grades K-8th
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Still have questions? I have answers!

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Who is the Jarring Science Club for?

Children learn science best and understand ideas best when they are presented in a hands-on way. The Jarring Science Club is for any child who loves science and for kids who think they don't love science.

Each lesson includes a visual component, a reading section, a hands-on experiment, and worksheets to ensure every style of learner can gain maximum value from each lesson.

What grades are included in the club?

The Jarring Science Club projects are designed for kids ages 5-15.

What sort of experiments are included? 

The Jarring Science Club is constantly evolving. We include science demonstrations to illustrate specific scientific concepts, open-ended science exploration to boost critical thinking, NGSS-aligned lesson plans, and science projects that kids can use for science fair projects. 

Is there a price guarantee?  

We guarantee that you will receive everything as stated in your Jarring Science Club membership. Refunds are available if you have not accessed any content within 60 days of your purchase. 

With a Jarring Science Club membership,

falling in love with teaching science is easy!

The Jarring Science Club helps homeschooling parents like you save time and inspire your children to love science with 3 simple steps:


Jarring Science Club members get access to lesson guides, worksheets, video demonstrations, digital resources and trainings, and also get access to the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group where you can discuss any hurdles with other caregivers and teachers.


Learn from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go during road trips, school pick-up, and trips to the grocery store!

Choose what experiments to explore based on your child's interests.


Connect with caregivers and teachers — from all over the world — who have a passion for science and helping their children succeed (enthusiasm is contagious!).

Pick a subscription level that works for you!

Science Dabbler:

$9 per month

Science Lover:

$54 (billed every 6 months)

Science Fanatic

$90 (billed annually) -2 months free!

Try the club for 1 month!

Interested in using the Jarring Science Club in your school or organization? Learn about the Jarring Science Club Organization License here.

Stay Curious!