Help your kids understand the fundamentals of science... (even if you aren't a science expert!)

You CAN expand your children's science education and TRANSFORM their understanding of the world with a single jar. 

Yes, I want my child to excel in science!

REAL people. Unlocking a love of science. Creating future scientists and innovators.

From hands-on science to STEM career.

Understands emulsion science in preschool.

She's top of the class in pre-AP science.

Meet Joanie. Her daughter is persuing a STEM degree thanks to hands-on science.

Meet Sze. Her 4-year-old daughter perfectly explains how emulsions work. 

Meet Joslyn. Hands-on science in elementary helped her consider the science classroom like home.

Boost the critical thinking skills, logic, and creativity of your child... all with just one small jar!

Science is not just a subject. It is a way of thinking. A scientist tries, fails, and tries again. 

Science does NOT provide all the answers. 

Science teaches us to be skeptical of what we know today so that our scientific “conclusions” can be modified or changed as we make new discoveries. 

My name is Brenda Priddy, and I've taught over 1 million families and teachers how to help children gain an interest in science and develop the vital skills they need to become scientists, explorers, and better humans. 

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Many have learned the skills to help children understand science...  

And have boosted the science grades of the children under their care.

But hands-on-science is about more than just grades.

Hands-on-science experiments teach:

  • Critical thinking
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Discovery
  • Confidence
  • Problem-solving

...And that’s only scratching the surface...

I’ve helped thousands of families (and counting) unlock a passion for science in their children and transform how their children see the world.

And I’ve helped literally MILLIONS of people teach science in the classroom and at home.  

There is nothing I love more than helping children discover a love of science (and maybe even choose a science career!).

I am so looking forward to seeing your children discover new ways of looking at the world. Here's to raising the next generation of scientists, innovators, creative thinkers, and inventors. 

Yes, I want my child to become a problem solver

Give your children the ability to understand science concepts and how they apply to the world

You want hands-on science expeiments that don't take tons of money or weird supplies that you'll only use once.

Your kids want the most active, most interesting, and most engaging science experiments. 

We want kids to have fun with the only science club in jars.

It's the Jarring Science Club, and it's the most fun you can have with a jar.

Join the only jarring science club in the world!

The Jarring Science club eliminates the struggle with planning science experiments. 

No more time wasted scouring Pinterest for science experiments, only to find out you have to order $50 of supplies to comple the activity. 

No more purchasing science kits that langish in the garage because your kids can't do them alone. 

No more hassle of setting up elaborate experiments that your kids care nothing about. 

In the Jarring Science Club, your child can explore science safely without any hinderences.

When you become a member of the Jarring Science Club, 

you’re saying yes — not just to science experiments… 

...but to a whole new world of exploring and discovery for your kids.

Why is hands-on science important? And why is it in jars?

Science is not just a collection of facts. While certain facts are important to scientific understanding (knowing what a chemical bond is, for example), facts are NOT science. 

Science includes:

  • Observing what's going on
  • Predicting what could happen
  • Testing predictions in a controlled environment
  • Making sense of our observations

Science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov called science "a way of thinking" and that's what we believe in the Jarring Science Club. 

  • We don't believe that science is learned through a textbook. 
  • We believe kids should explore their world hands on.
  • We believe kids should be free to ask questions about the world and discover their own answers.
  • We believe that science can faciliate these discoveries for our kids. Science doesn't have all the answers. 

The Jarring Science Club is less about science "facts" and more about teaching kids how to ask questions, try things, fail, and try again. 

Children’s experiences help them form their ideas, but these ideas don't always align with scientific "facts." In the Jarring Science Club, we believe kids should be free to explore these "wrong" ideas without feeling stupid, judged, or shamed by low grades.  

When a child looks at the world in a new way, through questions and discoveries, they realize they can make a difference.  

Something special happens when our children define themselves as scientists, inventors, and creators, and scientists. Suddenly, they embrace "difficult" concepts like determination, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. This mindset shift is both long-lasting and life changing. I am a parent of three daughters, and I will do anything in my power to boost the long-term success of my children. That is why I firmly believe that engaging kids when they are their most creative and inquisitive (elementary school) is crucial to their success as adults. 

Teaching innovation, scientific inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity will provide core skills that will transcend the science classroom (or home science lab) and reach far into the future helping our kids become the best version of themselves.  

fortnite slurp drink science experiment

Our Jarring Science Journey 

It all started in 2013 when my daughter was in first grade. At the time, I was just a homeschooling mom, trying to find accurate and engaging science curriclum for my ADHD daughter. She was OBSESSED with science, and I thought I hated it, because my experience with science was boring, included a lot of fact memorization, and had no hands-on element. I didn't want her love of science to be squashed like mine was, so I went on the hunt for the perfect science curriculum that answered her science questions, developed critical thinking skills, and provided hands-on activities. But, we came up short. I knew that simple facts science programs would come up short. I saw a glaring problem between the traditional education system and what companies say they want from the people they hire. In school, kids are praised for fitting in, checking the right boxes, and memorizing the right answers. Individual expression is discouraged, because schools are funded based on the standardized test scores of their students. But once kids graduate from college, employers are desperate for the innovators, rule-breakers, and creative thinkers. No matter what career you go into, problem solving, logic, critical thinking, and creativity are highly prized skills. So, me being me, not satisfied with the current science curriclulm landscape, I made my own science lessons. We didn't have much science equipment at our house, so we ended up completing most science experiments in jars. A couple of years ago, I was approached by a publisher to write The Mason Jar Scientist book, and the rest is history! You don't have to be a scientist to teach science, and you don't have to have fancy equipment. All you need is a question and a jar. 

I want my child to join the Jarring Science Club!

What you'll get in the Jarring Science Club

Each month, we'll send you 4 science experiements you can do in a jar based on a theme for the month. Your child will have access to:

  • Experiment directions easy enough for kids to do alone (younger kids may need some help)
  • Experiment supply lists with items you can find around the house
  • Lesson outline and guide to each science experiment
  • The scientific concept behind each experiment
  • Instruction in the scientific method
  • Video of each lesson for visual learners
  • Scientific concept video for each lesson
  • Lesson quizzes to ensure your child understands the science behind the activity
  • Printable worksheets to go along with each lesson so your child can record their experiment data
  • Access to the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group to answer any questions you may have as the educator/facilitator 
  • NGSS-aligned concepts
jarring science club sample lesson
Yes, I want my child to be an innovator, problem solver, and creative thinker!

Jarring Science Club FAQs

Who is the Jarring Science Club for? 

Children learn science best and understand scientific ideas better if they are able to investigate and experiment. 

Hands-on science helps children think critically and gain confidence in their own ability to solve problems. 

The Jarring Science Club is for any child who loves science AND for kids who think they don't love science (we'll convert them!).

What age range is the Jarring Science Club for? 

The Club is designed with grades 1st through 5th in mind. The idea is to allow your child to do the experiments alone. However, if you want to provide more support, a preschooler may be able to do the experiments. And middle schoolers usually love these experiments as well.  

What sort of experiments will be included? 

We like to experiment with a wide variety of science themes in our jars. We include science demonstrations to illustrate specific scientific concepts, open-ended science exploration to boost critical thinking, and science projects that kids can use for science fair projects. 

Will my child be safe? 

While we can’t guarantee that your child will be completely safe while online, the Jarring Science Club is designed as a safe space. There is no chat option on the platform and your information is kept confidential. We suggest picking a fun science-themed username to protect your child’s privacy. The Teaching Science and STEM group is provided for parents/educators only to facilitate the implementation of the lessons/answer any questions you have as the adult.

Is there a price guarantee?  

We guarantee that you will receive everything as stated in your Jarring Science Club membership. Refunds are available if you have not accessed any of the content within 30 days of your purchase. 

It's easier than you think!

The Jarring Science Club helps parents like you save time, inspire your children, and provide hands-on-science experiments in 3 simple steps.


We understand that teaching science is intimidating (especially if you're not a science teacher!) and that you need actionable, easy-to-understand lessons for your kids.

In The Jarring Science Club as a parent, you'll have access to lesson guides, printable worksheets, and the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group to help you start your science supplements NOW.

2. WATCH & LEARN AT YOUR CHILD'S PACE Learn from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go during road trips, school pick-up, and trips to the grocery store!

Choose what experiments to explore based on your child's interests


Connect with parents — from all over the world — who have a passion for science and helping their children succeed (enthusiasm is contagious!).

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