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The Jarring Science Club is currently closed.

The Jarring Science Club is the only digital subscription service that brings hands-on science straight to your inbox each week that fits in a jar...

...PLUS an experiment library of over 100 hands-on science experiments for elementary kids.

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The most fun kids can have with a jar

You want hands-on science expeiments that don't take tons of money or weird supplies that you'll only use once.

Your kids want the most active, most interesting, and most engaging science experiments. 

We want kids to have fun with the only science club in jars.

It's the Jarring Science Club, and it's the most fun you can have with a jar.

Join the only jarring science club in the world!

The Jarring Science club eliminates the struggle with planning science experiments. 

No more time wasted scouring Pinterest for science experiments, only to find out you have to order $50 of supplies to comple the activity. 

No more purchasing science kits that langish in the garage because your kids can't do them alone. 

No more hassle of setting up elaborate experiments that your kids care nothing about. 

In the Jarring Science Club, your child can explore science safely without any hinderences.

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What you'll get in the Jarring Science Club

Safe, digital access to science experiments in jars

Each month, we'll send you 4 science experiements you can do in a jar based on a theme for the month. Your child will have access to:

  • Experiment directions easy enough for (most) kids to do alone
  • Experiment supply lists with items you can find around the house
  • Worksheets to expand on each weekly concept
  • The science behind each experiment
  • Instruction in the scientific method
  • Video of each lesson for visual learners
  • Lesson quizzes that will ensure your child understands the science behind the activity

12 months of the craziest science experiments

The Jarring Science Club experiments are curated by my kids, who are big fans of fun. These expeiments are fully kid-tested and offer the most fun your kids will ever have with a jar!

Why a science club? 

When I was a girl, I HATED science. A little background: I was homeschooled all the way from pre-K through high school. I never liked science through any of those years.  

Science was boring, pointless, and not nearly as fun as stories.  

Flash forward a few years, and I have a preschool daughter (she’s in 7th grade now!). My preschool daughter, didn’t like stories. She would always pick out animal science books from the library and her favorite bedtime stories were science encyclopedias.  

We originally were a homeschooling family, so I knew it was on me to figure out a way for her to explore science and learn more about the subject she loved so much. 

But how, was the real question. I didn’t like science, and she had ADHD, which made textbook learning out of the question.  

I searched high and low for science curriculum that would work for us, but in the end, there was just nothing out there that fit our needs.  

So, I picked from this book, and took an experiment from that one. I always made sure to include a hands-on element for her, and low and behold, we found ourselves doing most of our experiments inside mason jars.  

By the time my second daughter was ready for science, we had this Jarring Science thing down. I was approached in 2017 to write a book about science in mason jars (The Mason Jar Scientist), and ever since then, science in jars has been our thing.  

We’ve tried so many experiments, and now, we’re ready to share them with your family. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you!  

Jarring Science Club FAQs

Have questions? We have answers!

Who is the Jarring Science Club for? 

The Jarring Science Club is for kids who love science or who love hands-on activities. Each experiment is designed not only to be done in a jar, but also to help children discover a love for science. I’ve been doing these experiments with my daughters since they were toddlers, and it has made a huge difference in their science grades. My seventh grader currently has a 100% in pre-AP science this year, and science is always my first grader's best subject.  

What ages is the Jarring Science Club for? 

The Club is designed with grades 1st through 5th in mind. The idea is to allow your child to do the experiments alone. However, if you want to provide more support, a preschooler may be able to do the experiments. And middle schoolers usually love these experiments as well.  

What sort of experiments will be included? 

We like to experiment with a wide variety of science themes in our jars. Our first month’s theme is Gross Science. In November, the theme will be pumpkins. In December, Christmas. Beyond that, you, the OG members, will be able to pick what experiments you want to do!  

Will my child be safe? 

While we can’t guarantee that your child will be completely safe while online, the Jarring Science Club is designed as a safe space. There is no chat option on the platform and your information is kept confidential. We suggest picking a fun science-themed username to protect your child’s privacy.  


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