Homeschool STEM Curriculum Kits

Everything you need to teach STEM at home, in one easy-to-use kit

STEP Steppers- Ages 5-8

STEM Builders- Ages 8-11

STEM Innovators-

Ages 12-15


What's in the Homeschool STEM Curriculum?

40 STEM projects with everything you need to teach STEM at home


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A complete STEM homeschool curriculum!

Each program level includes:

best homeschool stem curriculum
  • 40 STEM lesson plans per level
  • Pre-printed worksheets and templates for each lesson
  • Supplies for 3 students per project
  • Quick Start Guide for teaching STEM in your homeschool
  • Lesson plan "script" for zero-prep lessons
  • 3 curriculum levels for kids ager 5-15
  • Handy guide for using with a co-op or other group setting
  • Tips on how to add STEM to other subjects
  • Word searches, Sudoku puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and more, all with a STEAM twist!
  • 45 minute lessons to make it easy to fit the STEM ac tivities into your homeschool day
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3 STEM Curriculum Levels!

STEM Steppers

For young kids who have a passion for exploring! 40 STEM lessons for kindergarten through second grade.

  • Ages 5-8
  • Physical lesson book
  • Supplies for 3 students
  • Easy-to-follow lesson guides
  • Pre-printed worksheets and templates
  • 10 STEM activities per kit



STEM Builders

For elementary kids who want to make the world shine! This homeschool STEM curriculum includes 40 STEM lessons for 3rd through 5th grade.

  • Ages 8-11
  • Physical lesson book
  • Supplies for 3 students
  • Easy-to-follow lesson guides
  • Pre-printed worksheets and templates
  • 10 STEM activities per kit


STEM Innovators

For middle schoolers interested in learning how to make the world a better place. STEM curriculum for grades 6th through 8th with 40-hands on projects.

  • Ages 12-15
  • Physical lesson book
  • Supplies for 3 students
  • Easy-to-follow lesson guides
  • Pre-printed worksheets and templates
  • 10 STEM activities per kit


Need supplies for more than 3 kids? No problem!

Your one-stop STEM-based homeschool curriculum

Raise your hand if any of these has happened to you...

  • Purchased STEM curriculum with the best intentions, but were unable to find the right supplies
  • Felt overburdened with lesson planning and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to teach STEM in your homeschool
  • Had intentions to complete STEM or science projects but lost the supplies before you could start the activities

If so...

You need the STEAMsational STEM curriculum kits!

The STEM curriculum kits were designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

The flexibility and individual needs of homeschoolers were carefully considered when creating this curriculum. That is why each curriculum set covers a range of ages/grades and each supply kit includes supplies for 10 projects only.

Growing up as a homeschooled student, I remember the excitement of getting new curriculum during the summer. However, by the time school started, many of the supplies and pieces to curriculum would go missing.

That's why the STEAMsational STEM supply kits are mailed every 3 months- so it's easier to keep track of your supplies!

It's easier than you think!

The homeschool STEM curriculum kits help parents like you save time, inspire your children, and provide an NGSS-aligned STEM program in 3 simple steps.

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We understand that teaching science and STEM can be intimidating (especially if you're not a science teacher!) and that you need actionable, easy-to-understand lessons for your kids.

Everything in each STEM kit is outlined with easy-to-understand language that your kids (and you) will enjoy learning together.


Learn from the comfort of your own home, backyard, or set-up a co-op with other homeschooling families!

You can do one STEM activity per week during the school year, or complete multiple STEM projects closer together as your schedule allows.


Connect with parents — from all over the world — who have a passion for STEAM and helping their children succeed (enthusiasm is contagious!).

Join the Teaching Science and STEM Facebook group to get support from other STEM educators around the world.

The STEAMsational Story

In 2013, I was a homeschooling mom to a first-grader.

She was OBSESSED with science, and I *hated* science because my experience with science was boring.

I didn't want my daughter's love of science to be squashed like mine was, so I went on the hunt for the perfect science curriculum that answered her science questions, developed critical thinking skills, and provided hands-on activities.

But, we came up short.

I could not find an elementary science program that was buildable, engaging, and followed the latest STEM research.

So, me being me, not satisfied with the current science curriculum landscape, I made my own science lessons.

Now, my full-time job is creating STEAM lessons and curriculum for parents and teachers to save them time, money, and sanity all while providing hands-on STEM lessons for kids.

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STEM Curriculum Kit FAQs

Who are the STEM kits for?

These STEM kits are for parents who want to provide hands-on, fun STEM activities for kids, but don't have the time or resources to create their own STEM curriculum or source unusual science supplies.

What grades are the STEM kits for?

There are three levels of STEM kits- early elementary (age 5-8), upper elementary (age 8-11), and middle school (age 12-15). Each STEM curriculum kit contains 40 hands-on STEM projects complete with everything needed to complete each activity.

What sort of experiments are included? 

Each kit includes holistic STEM activities covering all STEM topics, including:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art/Design
  • Math

Can I use this in my school/daycare/after-school program, etc?

Absolutely! Go here to purchase our add-on supply kits for additional students. We accept purchase orders!

Is there a price guarantee?  

You will receive everything you need to complete all 40 projects in each STEM kit. Supply kits are mailed every 3 months. Refunds are not available once the product has been delivered. You can view our full product policies here.