Get the ADHD Mindfulness Planner for Girls!

Girls with ADHD struggle with executive planning, self-esteem, and anxiety. 

Boost your daughter's self-esteem and confidence with the mindfulness planner specficially created for girls with ADHD. 

Avoid common ADHD pitfalls like calendar overwhelm, anxiety, and emotion overload with these planner pages designed to maximize the strengths of girls with ADHD while offering support in areas they need it the most. 

 You'll get:

  • Weekly calendar planning sheets for all 12 months of the year
  • Printable motivational quotes to inspire your daughter
  • Daily planner sheet for day-to-day tasks to prevent overwhelm
  • To-do checklist that builds confidence
  • Mood tracker to help your daughter regulate her emotions and anxiety 
  • Your price: $24.00 - $12 for the next 15 minutes!
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adhd mindfulness planner